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Leadership Circle Practitioner

John is a certified and experienced practitioner of The Leadership Circle development tools. He utilises the Leadership Circle Profile™ extensively in his work with clients.

The Leadership Circle Profile™ (LCP) is a universal model of leadership development that integrates the competencies required for effective leadership with underlying habitual ways of thinking that can limit leadership effectiveness.

We carefully support each leader to access a mine of information in their Leadership Circle Profile to gain deep personal insights into underlying beliefs, assumptions and patterns of thought that drive behaviour. By uncovering often hidden assumptions and beliefs, and learning how these are influencing their thinking and driving their behaviour a leader can make real and sustained changes to become the leader they aspire to be.

We extensively explore together each leader’s Profile to enable them to appreciate their strengths, how his or her style is impacting on relationships with colleagues and achieving results, and then focus on their development priorities.

Leadership Culture Survey™

Completing a Leadership Culture Survey™ enables a senior leadership team to be clear about how they see the current leadership culture of their organisation and the leadership culture the team desires. A team also immediately sees how their leadership culture compares to that of other organisations.

We work with each leadership team on bridging the ‘gap’ between the current and desired leadership culture by focussing on the leadership development priorities that will bring about the desired improvements in culture and business performance. Engaging a leadership team in a powerful dialogue on cultural change also provides a forum and environment for enhancing the team’s effectiveness and performance.