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Leadership Coaching

Creating leadership for the future is crucial to developing and building business communities that thrive in an increasingly complex and digital world: a world in which leaders require clarity of purpose, integrity, trust, as well as being great at engaging people and building inter-connectivity to succeed.

Our approach to coaching leaders is ‘inside-out’: we sensitively support and intensely engage leaders to work on understanding themselves first, take responsibility for their own and others’ performance, and commit to developing themselves and then others to learn, improve and succeed.

Our work with each leader initially and progressively involves engaging in a thought provoking dialogue to enable the person to gain profound insights into how their thinking, assumptions and beliefs are affecting their behaviour, thereby enhancing and limiting their effectiveness: insights that provide the desire and means of self-transformation. We utilise the Leadership Circle Profile™ (LCP) 360° assessment tool extensively in developing leaders.

We enable each leader to understand why they have been, and currently are, experiencing difficulty in making the changes they want to make to achieve their development goals, and work together on creating strategies to overcome their barriers to change.

We inspire, encourage and support each person to achieve their development goals, and enhance their leadership effectiveness and performance through regular coaching sessions. During each meeting we together explore and intensely reflect on experiences, plan the next development actions and robustly critique progress.