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Creating High-Performing Teams

Our work on creating high-performing teams involves encouraging and up-skilling team members in how to engage in powerful and meaningful dialogue. We strive to develop every team member’s and the whole team’s ability to create mutual understanding and a shared commitment throughout the team to achieve the team’s goals and objectives.

We work sensitively and courageously with each team to create an environment in which people profoundly engage and connect with each other in ways that promote openness, honesty and trust throughout the team.

We support each team in a ‘deep dive’ reflection on the team’s performance and behaviour to enable team members to understand the team dynamics, and how those dynamics are impacting on the work and success of the team.

We carefully support a team to explore the underlying issues that are often invisible or un-discussable and, through this, build a sense of inter-connectedness and wholeness that transcends normal teamwork.

Some of the typical benefits of engaging us in creating high-performing teams include:

  • enhanced decision making and improved productivity.
  • stronger and more robust relationships between team members.
  • changes in perspective that enable senior team members to take a greater responsibility for the whole business rather than just their part.
  • increased accountability and team members being comfortable and competent at holding each other to account.
  • issues that are limiting the team’s effectiveness and performance are uncovered and resolved.
  • diversity and differences in the team become a source of strength rather than conflict.